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Luvanto Endure Pro

Luvanto Endure Pro is known as the new generation of luxury design flooring. With a popular range of stylish colours, we have something for everyone.

Luvanto Endure Pro is produced using the latest Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) technology. With a better, easier to install, non-adhered, free floating click system, Endure Pro always delivers a professional finish.

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With a lifetime domestic warranty, a tough 0.7mm wear layer, and acoustic backing for maximum sound reduction, Endure Pro is in a league of its own.

Thanks to the clever technology inside, Endure Pro can be installed in most areas of direct sunlight without having to worry about issues in the future. Endure Pro can also be installed over most existing hard flooring.

What makes Endure Pro so great?

  • One product for all areas of domestic and commercial use.
  • Easy to install – It has a strong reliable drop clicking system which is easy to fit together. It is also easy to cut without the need for specialist tools.
  • Minimum disruption – You can walk on the new floor and out the furniture back in the room straight away after laying the new floor.
  • Endure Pro does not expand with heating and cooling, which means it can be installed with only a 2mm expansion gap and in areas of direct sunlight, such as conservatories and rooms with large patio doors.
  • Up to 600m2 can be installed without leaving any expansion joints. Expansion gaps can be sealed with a low modulus silicon.
  • Quiet to walk on, Endure Pro has an integrated acoustic backing which provides one of the highest ratings on the market 22dB of sound reduction without having to use an extra underlay.
  • The built-in underlay means it can be installed over most existing hard flooring surfaces – saving time and money.
  • Right for every room – it can be fitted in every type of room including kitchens and bathrooms where there is a lot of moisture.
  • Endure Pro has a tough 0.7mm wear layer which makes it one of the most hardwearing and scratch resistant LVT’s available.
  • Complete peace of mind. Endure Pro is one of the best LVT products on the market, it has the longest warranty on the market (lifetime domestic and 20 years commercial).

LVT is one of the easiest floors to clean on the market and can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent. However, in order to maintain the warranty and have the best results, we recommend that you use our approved Luvanto Floor Care Kit.

Can my Luvanto Floor be damaged?

The answer to this question depends on which type of Luvanto floor you acquire. Our standard, LVT Click, may fade over time if in direct sunlight. But both Luvanto Design and Endure have been created not only to be immune to UV light but also have boosted resistance to damage such as dents and scratches.

LVT floors last around 25 years. By following our guide on maintenance, you can easily push the longevity to 30 years or more.

Firstly, make sure the installation of your floor is done by a specialist with an NVQ Level 2 Flooring qualification at the minimum.

Secondly, only clean the floor with our Luvanto Repair Kit.

Thirdly, make sure that you prevent damage from heavy and sharp objects in the home, such as by dragging furniture over the LVT.