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Tile And Stone Effect LVT Flooring

Tile and stone effect LVT flooring opens up a wide range of stylish possibilities for your home. This style of flooring is waterproof, making it ideal for rooms with high moisture – such as bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms etc.

One of the benefits of tile and stone effect flooring is that the flooring provides you with a stylish tile look without the hard and cold tile feeling underfoot, instead, you have the warm, soft feeling of luxury vinyl tiles.

This flooring has high durability, is long-lasting,  has a lifetime domestic warranty, and is easy to maintain. If you want the look without the drawbacks, the key features of our tile and stone effect LVT could be the perfect option for you to make your home look sleek and stylish.

Luvanto’s flooring comes in commercial grade, meaning our flooring has the hard wearing thickness that you would find in areas that have moderate foot traffic, such as large shop floors, ensuring your flooring is extremely durable. LVT, in general, is a fantastic flooring that works in nearly every room, whether that be your hallways, your bathroom, etc.

Slip-resistant and easy to clean, this style of luxury vinyl flooring will bring out the classic look of natural stone in your home. Additional benefits include being compatible with underfloor heating, as well as being an easy installation job, and much more. Check our FAQs to find out more.

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Suggested Flooring

Whether you’re seeking the timeless allure of hardwood or the sleek aesthetic of stone, our diverse range of LVT flooring suggestions promises to elevate your interior with unmatched charm and resilience.  Experience the perfect harmony of beauty and practicality as you explore our innovative selection, curated to inspire and transform your home.

Clay Earth

Midnight Olive

Coastal Cottage


Stay a step ahead of the trends

Trends come and go but a Luvanto floor is forever.

Keep your interiors looking show-home worthy with our colour and trend inspiration. As experts in colour forecasting and pairings, we match the latest trends and colours with each of our flooring shades so you can stay tickled pink with your décor all year round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a great deal of advantages that tile effect luxury vinyl tiles have over true tiles.

Patterns and Colours

Advanced photographic layers allow your luxury vinyl tiles to take on high-resolution imagery that pops out at you. The range of available patterns and colours is endless, unlike true tiles.

Consistent Replication

Natural tiles sometimes come with natural imperfections within the patterns that make it look less impressive than the consistent patterns that LVT flooring offers.

Texture and Depth

Our LVT flooring can come with realistic textures that are true to the tiles that they are mimicking, however, unlike the hard and cold feeling underfoot – you have a soft, springy and warm flooring.

Grout Lines

Grout lines may look pretty, but in real porcelain tiles, they can collect a lot of dirt and be tricky to clean. This isn’t the case with LVT flooring.

Stone effect Vinyl flooring has some distinct advantages over true stone.

Seamless Transition

Stone Effect Luxury Vinyl tiles, in open spaces, can transition seamlessly and smoothly into other designs you may have on your property – such as wood, marble, slate or other styles of flooring.

Maintenance of Appearance

True stone has a problem of discolouration or staining when coming into contact with liquid. However, stone LVT does not have any such issue. Stone effect LVT flooring is highly moisture and stain-resistant.

Design Longevity

Another problem that true stone has that stone effect LVT does not, is how damage-prone it is. Chipping, fading, etc can occur through everyday use. That is not the case with LVT which is much more hardy and comes with a lifetime domestic warranty.

The stone effect vinyl flooring options we have at Luvanto are of the following:

Slate Effect LVT

Marble Effect LVT

Granite Effect LVT

Pebble and Mosaic Effect LVT

Terrazzo Effect LVT

Concrete and Polished Stone Effect LVT

Note that each of these types of floorings come in different shades and patterns.