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LVT Flooring Showroom Finder

Are you looking for LVT flooring near you? Our map viewer will show you where to find Luvanto’s products with major retailers across the UK! With Luvanto’s flooring products, you’re not just investing in the aesthetics of your home and business but also investing in your property’s durability, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance!

Looking to order Luvanto flooring for delivery straight to your home?  You can purchase a range of Luvanto LVT products directly from one of our authorised online retailers:

At Luvanto, we marry the gorgeous visual quality that LVT offers with durability, longevity and durability. When looking for LVT flooring near you, remember, our wear layer is thicker than the industry average, offering more protection against scratches and dents than the average LVT flooring manufacturer. Our diverse portfolio of LVT options ranges from natural wood to stone and concrete textures. 

As your future favourite LVT, we take our duty to you seriously. We have a nationwide network of flooring specialists who pride themselves on understanding your needs and delivering the best flooring solutions for your space.  

Luvanto does its utmost to make finding our products as accessible as possible. With several strategically positioned displays in retailer showrooms throughout every major town and city in the UK, where you can explore our wide range of LVT flooring near you, weigh your options and discuss your project specifics with experienced, knowledgeable staff.  

Ready to elevate your interiors with elegance, practicality, and comfort? Look no further than Luvanto for LVT flooring near you. As your complete resource for all things flooring, we’re here to bring your vision to life. We warmly invite you to connect with one of our retailers at a conveniently located showroom. There, you’ll see firsthand the superior quality and diverse range of styles that our LVT collections have to offer. Embark on your transformation journey with us today. 

Luvanto offers a comprehensive and diverse range of designs that cater to varying aesthetic preferences and functional needs. Our collections include Luvanto Design, Luvanto Clickand Endure Pro each offering a distinct set of styles and fitting options. The product range covers everything from classical wood finishes to modern stone and marble tile effects, providing options for every room and every taste. Our bespoke design strips can also be used to create borders and features for a customised look.

Luvanto has been a trusted LVT name in the flooring industry since 2012. We have built a reputation for providing high-quality, luxurious LVT flooring that combines durability with stylish design. Our ongoing dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction continues to cement our position as a leading provider of LVT flooring.