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Herringbone LVT flooring often falls under the Parquet LVT flooring category and has been a popular choice of flooring design for many properties since the 1600s.

LVT flooring uses the timeless classic rhythmic patterns of herringbone weave to create a nostalgic atmosphere in any room of the home. Each individual piece of the herringbone luxury vinyl tiles is designed to look and feel just like the real thing, complete with vinyl’s slip-resistant and water-resistant features. With the right training, it is fairly easy to install and maintain, and its durability makes it a highly desirable and suitable flooring option for many different rooms in the home.

Our parquet LVT flooring is inspired by real, living wood. Our artists have put their souls into replicating the natural beauty of certain types of flooring.

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We’ve created our Luvanto Herringbone LVT flooring with a range of colours, designs and sizes in mind from our most popular ranges. From traditional to contemporary, there are plenty of great herringbone vinyl tile options. Request free samples from us today.

The Herringbone Collection is available in Luvanto Design and Click.

Why not use our 3D Room Viewer and see which colours, sizes and patterns of luxury vinyl would suit your home?

Installation Options & Available Sizes

Design Herringbone (adhered)

Traditional Herringbone: 76.2mm x 304.8mm x 2.5mm 2.32m2 / 100 pieces per pack

Contemporary Herringbone: 534mm x 107mm x 2.5mm 2.28m2 / 40 pieces per pack

Click Herringbone (free-floating)

Click Herringbone: 149mm x 596mm x 4mm 2.13m2 / 24 pieces per pack

Take a look at our Herringbone Collection gallery, choose your favourite vinyl pattern and order a free colour representative sample of our Design or Click options.

LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiles, meaning it’s made of a form of vinyl that is superior in properties and appearance to its standard sheet roll counterpart.

A luxury vinyl floor will have something called a wear layer, which offers it protection from scratches, impacts and other sources of damage. Luvanto’s own wear layer comes at a commercial quality of 0.55 inches deep, as opposed to the regular version of 0.3 offered for residential homes.

For more information, Luvanto has put together the perfect guide on what is LVT Flooring.

What Are Herringbone Luxury Vinyl Tiles, And How Do They Differ From Parquet LVT Flooring?

Luvanto Design Herringbone LVT Flooring and Luvanto Click Herringbone LVT Flooring are both luxury vinyl tile options that are laid in herringbone patterns. The difference between them comes in their installation method, as well as the benefits both give to the user.

  • Luvanto Design Herringbone Vinyl Tiles – This refers to our glue-down option. This means that each tile is glued down directly to the subfloor using a flooring adhesive. This method is good for those looking for a stable flooring option. Professional installers will ensure that the subfloor is properly prepared to provide the level surface required to lay the flooring.
  • Luvanto Click Herringbone Vinyl Tiles – Luvanto Click Herringbone LVT differs in that it uses a system named “Click-Lock”. Basically, there are connecting grooved joints and the sides and neaders of each tile that can click together like a jigsaw puzzle. This is a floating floor-style installation, as it sits above the subfloor as opposed to being directly glued to it. 

We always recommend that all our flooring is installed by a professional installer on a suitably prepared subfloor. 

They are both compatible with underfloor heating. Luvanto has put together a guide for those interested in learning more about the differences between design and click LVT

There are two parts to this question to dissect, which are:

  1. What rooms are luxury vinyl flooring good for?
    Herringbone LVT is made of luxury vinyl, and this material has a wide range of benefits that make it suitable for just about any room. For example, it is highly water-resistant and provides slip resistance to R10 industry standards.
  2. What rooms are suitable for Herringbone LVT flooring patterns?
    The best areas for this type of pattern are entirely down to taste and preference. That being said, we have seen that many people opt to have this LVT flooring laid in kitchens, bedrooms, foyers, hallways and entryways, and classically themed as well as modern living areas to create contemporary spaces. We have also seen herringbone LVT being laid in home offices and some other commercial settings due to its powerful appearance.

LVT flooring’s water resistance allows you peace of mind if you have any spills. It is reasonably stain resistant, provided that anything likely to stain is cleaned up quickly. Any sticky substances can easily be cleaned off with soap and water, as well as pretty much any other mess. With that said, in order to keep the wear layer strong, and the look of your flooring fresh for years to come, we recommend that you use our Luvanto Floor Care Cleaning and Maintenance Kit.

To use the kit effectively, remove any dirt, dust or debris from the surface. In a clean bucket, mix the Luvanto Floor Cleaner concentrate into the water according to the instructions written out in the manual. Dip your mop into the cleaning solution and wring it out well so that it becomes lightly damp. Then, sweep the floor gently and allow the floor to dry.

Following this sequence, you can maintain your floor and keep it looking brand new for years on end. Luvanto has put together a guide on how to care for your LVT for those interested. Kits can be purchased from your retail flooring stockist.

Furniture, and other such heavy appliances, are a fair risk to the aesthetic quality of any of your floors. However, there are several measures you can take to ensure the longevity and beauty of your flooring when dealing with such elements:

  • Furniture Pads: Placing felt pads or castor cups on the feet of your furniture where applicable is a good way to avoid scratches and marks caused by point loading, as the weight will be distributed throughout the materials rather than on the hard edges and corners.
  • Lift furniture: Whilst some furniture can weigh too much to lift, you should make sure their feet touch the ground as little as possible when you have to move it here or there to avoid dragging it across the surface. 
  • Trim pet nails: Pet nails, especially heavier pets like big dogs, can create surface scratching to your herringbone LVT, as well as a lot of your items throughout your house to be fair. 
  • Castor wheels: For furniture that has wheels, such as office chairs, look into purchasing soft rubber castor wheels if the stock wheels are not designed for hard surfaces such as LVT flooring. 

For more information, Luvanto has put together a guide on LVT scratch protection.