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Jumpax Basic

Jumpax Basic is a high quality MDF free-floating floor levelling system.

Easy does it – With a 3mm base and 4mm top board bound by a special interactive adhesive, Jumpax Basic is quick, clean and easy to install compared with traditional screeds. It preserves the sub-floor and allows you to lay the finished floor covering quicker, saving you time. Anyone can install Jumpax Basic.

Smooth, stable and simply warmer – The system is ideal for creating a sub-floor layer over underfloor heating systems for a perfect finish ready for the floor covering – with very low thermal resistance (0.7 tog) to really let heat through.

Lightening the load – The lightweight MDF material means Jumpax Basic is a breeze to lift and manoeuvre, so with its quick and easy installation you’ll really save time and effort.

Impact Sound Reduction – Jumpax Basic has the added benefit of providing a sound reduction of 21dB (when installed over a separate PE foam underlay).


Jumpax Basic v Flooring Grade Ply

  • The cost of floor grade ply board continues to increase at a rapid rate and is predicted to continue increasing for some time. With the additional cost of screws and feather finish screed on top of the ply its simply no longer a cost-effective solution to level your sub floor.
  • Jumpax Basic is significantly cheaper than ply and with a pack covering 2.88sqm is significantly easier to handle than a large sheet of ply board.
  • Unlike ply board there is no need to screw into the sub floor saving the cost on the screws and a huge amount of time not having to screw every 150mm as per British Standards.
Jumpax Basic v Traditional Screed
  • No need to mix screed which can create dust and mess in your client’s home. There is no mess with Jumpax Basic.
  • Screeds require up to 12 hours after pouring to set before the flooring can be fitted, so the floor fitting will usually need to be done the next day, meaning a longer and more costly installation time. Jumpax Basic can be laid on immediately saving time and money.
  • Screeds are applied direct to the subfloor and do not provide any heat insulation. Jumpax Basic is warmer underfoot as the MDF board and any underlay layers insulate against the cold of the subfloor underneath.
  • Screeds do not absorb impact noise. Jumpax Basic will be quieter to walk on as the underlay layer helps to absorb impact noise. And when installed over QA FineFloor TechniBoard underlay can provide a sound reduction of up to 21dB.


Thinking of getting a new Luvanto floor fitted?  Don’t forget to ask your chosen retailer about installing it with Jumpax Basic.

For the latest Technical Data and Installation Instructions, download the Luvanto Jumpax Basic Brochure.