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Universal Adhesive & High Temperature Adhesive Strength & Performance For Peace Of Mind

QA Universal & High Temperature Adhesives are designed and approved for the rapid and reliable installation of dryback Luvanto LVT flooring and acoustic underlays; more fitter friendly with higher initial grab, faster drying and high strength when fully set. Pull-off tests have shown that the smoothing compound will fail before the adhesive.

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QA Universal & High Temperature Adhesives are low-emission, solvent-free and odourless; and are suitable for underfloor heating, areas of high footfall and castor wheel traffic; and are covered by the respective flooring warranties.

QA Universal Adhesive (QA-UA)

  • A true high performance wet, semi wet or pressure sensitive adhesive designed specifically for LVT contractors who prefer to fit on a pressure sensitive (PS) adhesive.
  • QA-UA is a versatile adhesive which can be used in both dry-tack and wet-set applications.
  • QA-UA is suitable for all types of floor covering and all types of subfloor – It is also suitable for high temperature applications, so can be used with underfloor heating systems, and limited exposure to direct sunlight. One adhesive for most applications.
  • QA-UA achieves a “hard set” once fully cured helping to stabilise tiles in problematic conditions.
  • A wet open time of 30-45 minutes.
  • Pressure sensitive open time of 4-5 hours.
  • Can be used as a contact adhesive.
  • QA are the only LVT supplier presently offering a high-performance pressure sensitive adhesive.

QA High Temperature Adhesive (QA-HT)

  • QA-HT is a high-performance, wet set, fibre-reinforced adhesive designed for the most demanding applications.
  • It is recommended for the most extreme areas of sunlight exposure and temperature fluctuation (e.g., conservatories and large windows/patio doors) and will not lose bonding strength with large changes in temperature. This reduces the possibility of installation failure, leading to greater customer satisfaction.
  • Water based, so any spills or squeeze through can be cleaned off with water whilst still soft.
  • EC1+ rated on its VOC emissions (safest rating in the world).
  • QA-HT is micro fibre re-enforced meaning that the final bond strength is extremely high. Due to the types of fibres, the adhesive has less “wet slip” than traditional wet set high temperature (HT) adhesives; and achieves its HT bond strength fast.
  • Wet open time is approx. 45 mins, High temperatures will reduce the open time, cold temperatures will extend it.
  • QA-HT is set to become the new industry benchmark for wet set high temperature adhesives.

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