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LVT Wood Effect Flooring

Wood effect LVT flooring is another type of hard flooring that will look fabulous in any room of your home. Stable and durable, our wood effect flooring has a high slip resistance to help prevent accidents.

Our flooring is high quality and has a grain effect finish that will look stylish in any modern home and is suitable for a range of uses including the living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom. Hard wearing and available in a wide range of styles, our wood effect flooring can provide you with the luxury of a wood floor without the expense, care, and maintenance of real wood flooring.

Wood effect LVT flooring not only looks great but is generally harder to damage compared to real wood. Available in a wide range of different wood effect types, from oak, elm, maple, ash, larch, chestnut, spruce and even olive wood, you can easily find the right style of wood effect flooring to suit you.

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Suggested Flooring

Whether you’re seeking the timeless allure of hardwood or the sleek aesthetic of stone, our diverse range of LVT flooring suggestions promises to elevate your interior with unmatched charm and resilience.  Experience the perfect harmony of beauty and practicality as you explore our innovative selection, curated to inspire and transform your home.

Clay Earth

Midnight Olive

Coastal Cottage


Stay a step ahead of the trends

Trends come and go but a Luvanto floor is forever.

Keep your interiors looking show-home worthy with our colour and trend inspiration. As experts in colour forecasting and pairings, we match the latest trends and colours with each of our flooring shades so you can stay tickled pink with your décor all year round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wood effect LVT flooring is durable, affordable, and an impressive imitation of the beauty of natural wood. This flooring provides you with the ultimate experience of real wood with realistic knots, grains, and embossed textures that look so much like wood your guests will hardly be able to tell the difference. Also, because wood effect flooring is usually softer than regular hardwood planks, it is more comfortable to walk on.

The practical benefits are where wood effect vinyl really comes into its own as LVT can effectively cope with changes in temperature as well as moisture and humidity. Whilst wood and water aren’t a good combination, if you opt for wood effect flooring you can worry far less about any spills or accidents damaging your floor as LVT is waterproof .

We recommend sweeping or vacuuming your floor regularly to remove any dry dirt as this type of soiling can cause fine scratches. Using a damp mop on a regular basis can remove light dirt. For a deeper clean and to see off stubborn stains, use the Luvanto Floor Care Kit. While this product works just like your regular cleaner to lift dirt, it can also remove minor surface scratches and adds a matt, anti-slip film to enhance your floor’s protection with every clean.

Good quality wood effect vinyl flooring has a long lifespan, especially when compared to other materials like laminate as well as having better overall durability. Our high-quality vinyl flooring comes with a lifetime domestic warranty and 10 years commercial warranty (20 years for Endure Pro).

Yes, fitting wood effect LVT flooring is typically easier than with other types of flooring materials. Providing the subfloor is level, this style of floor can also be installed over concrete, hardwood, or plywood. In some cases, it can even be fitted over existing flooring products.