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Browse our stylish collection of Luvanto luxury flooring and find the perfect choice of colours and styles to match any room in your home. Explore your options and request some samples.


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Discover which range is right for your needs before browsing our stylish collection of Luvanto flooring and finding the perfect colour or colours for your home.


Explore our full range and order up to 3 samples of Luvanto Flooring completely FREE. Feel the quality and imagine how good it will look in your home.


Find a Luvanto showroom local to you where you can view the full range of flooring and receive expert advice to help you choose the perfect flooring for you.


Need a robust LVT specification for a large project? We can offer up to 20-year commercial warranties with a range of products to suit you and your clients needs.


Browse our stylish collection of Luvanto flooring and find the perfect colour or colours for your home. Add your favourites to your cart.


Wide choice of stylish luxury vinyl tiles to complement your design choices in your living room.


A durable finish makes our tiles suitable for heavy traffic and testing conditions like the kitchen.


Cushioned and warm underfoot, with a premium look and feel, makes our flooring equally suitable for the bedroom.


Our luxury flooring is 100% water resistant and resilient, making it a great option for your bathroom.


Explore our full range and order up to 3 samples of Luvanto Flooring completely FREE. Feel the quality and imagine how good it will look in your home.  There is a small delivery charge if you require 4 or more samples.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles - FAQs

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a type of flooring with high durability, with the strong material being padded for warmth and comfort. It has heavy waterproof properties and the ability to mimic several materials, such as wood, concrete etc. On top of this, it comes with a wide range of colours, patterns and styles, making it suitable for any room in your house. Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens – the simplicity of Luxurious Vinyl Flooring is making it one of the most popular flooring options on the market.

The name parquet originates from the French word parchet, a term that can be traced back all the way to the 1600s. In the early days, parquet flooring was mostly used to replace marble which demanded constant cleaning and had a tendency to rot the joists underneath the floor. Nowadays however, parquet flooring is a lot easier to mass produce, meaning they no longer come with a big price tag. This has made them a much more affordable and popular option for many homeowners.

Standard vinyl flooring differs from luxury vinyl tile in the following manners:

  • Wear Layer – Luxury Vinyl Tile has a wear layer that acts like a barrier which protects the material from wear and tear. This makes it ideal for high-traffic areas and homes with pets.
  • Layer Count – Standard Vinyl has fewer layers than Luxury Vinyl flooring in general.
  • Appearance – The fewer layers and inferior methods of construction make Luxury Vinyl Floors have more visual details, enhancing the beautiful design of the floor. Luxury vinyl flooring also usually comes with a gorgeous finish that will protect the looks of the floor over time.
  • Installation – Standard vinyl flooring comes in large sheets that have to stick to the subfloor with glue. Although you can also install luxurious vinyl flooring using the same types of adhesive peel, there’s also an additional “click” method, which allows installation by clicking the joints of the tiles/planks together.

Another option could be to combine flooring styles in a plank and herringbone mix. This comes with the benefits of adding interest and dividing an open space room into distinct areas. Creating a border will help to hide uneven walls and complement the minimalist style, whilst ladder or bookend patterns rotate the battens to a 90-degree angle to produce a wide border that looks stunning in bigger rooms. 

Yes, luxury Vinyl Flooring has a high level of water resistance, which makes it a perfect fit for bathrooms, kitchens and other more moist areas. The waterproof capabilities allow for low maintenance and safety in these areas, as cleaning up is easy. There’s no chance of warping, buckling or any sort of peel. 

Jumpax Basic with Logos scaled

Jumpax Basic floor levelling system

Jumpax Basic is an extremely quick and cost-effective way to level your sub floor when compared with the traditional methods of screeding or ply boarding the sub floor.



Use our 3D Room Visualiser to showcase our products in different room settings. Mix it up, have some fun!

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