Reclaimed Oak


A very popular choice for those wanting a shabby chic look, Reclaimed Oak is full of character. Each plank offers something unique, with the distinctive milling marks and natural blemishes really bringing this wood to life.

Luvanto Design
Luvanto Design allows you to not only glue down your reclaimed oak flooring but also incorporate other luvanto designs together, creating one unique flooring for your home or business.

Luvanto Click
The reclaimed oak flooring can also be ordered from our luvanto click range, simply click together your luxury flooring using a joint locking system and you can have your new flooring in no time.

Luvanto Endure
Reclaimed Oak is also available to order from our fabulous Luvanto Endure range. The Luvanto Endure range ensures maximum quality, improved warranty, high resistant slip proof and waterproof.



Each plank within the Reclaimed Oak flooring brings a sense of life to the home. For those wanting a shabby chic look, the reclaimed oak effect brings characteristics that will not disappoint.

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