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Luvanto Pace

Luvanto Pace is our latest flooring range that is the fastest and, arguably, the easiest to lay. Each plank comes with a self-adhesive backing that is soaked into the built-in underlay. This means that any damaged planks can be lifted and quickly replaced due to the long life of the self-adhesive backing.







Not only does this offer you similar design options as Luvanto Design but it also gives you a more forgiving installation and easier life-long maintenance. Ideal for commercial projects.

  • Self-adhesive system –This will save time and money on adhesive and installation. It is also 50% quicker to install thus saving on labour costs.
  • Easy to re-fit- If there are any issues under the floor or with an individual plank being damaged this can be easily replaced without having to unclick the entire floor.
  • Suitable for many different subfloors –This product can be installed over existing chipboard, ceramic and porcelain floors providing the subfloor is level, flat and free of dust. This will save time and additional labour on removing the original floor.
  • Excellent design capability. Can be cut and shaped to achieve your desired patterns and layouts in the same way as Luvanto Design.
  • Dimensionally stable-it is suitable to be installed in areas of direct sunlight (except conservatories) and only needs a 2mm expansion gap.
  • Doesn’t need acclimatisation before installation, so very easy for contractors to fit within their timescale.
  • Passes the castor wheel, chair test so ideal for office areas.
  • Built in underlay which provides 20dB impact sound reduction. This reduces noise issues for and saves on potentially buying additional sound proofing products.

LVT is one of the easiest floors to clean on the market and can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent. However, in order to maintain the warranty and have the best results, we recommend that you use our approved Luvanto Floor Care Cleaning & Maintenance Kit.

Our LVT is of the highest quality and has a higher resistance to physical damage than many other types of flooring, although you should take all the necessary precautions to protect your flooring from damage. It is water resistant, allowing you sufficient time to clean up any spills before damage is caused to the subfloor.

LVT floors may fade over time if in direct sunlight.

We recommend using our Luvanto Floor Care Cleaning & Maintenance Kit to maintain the surface protection.

LVT floors last around 25 years. By following our guide on maintenance, you can easily push the longevity to 30 years or more.

Always follow the latest fitting guidelines and warranty information.  These can be found in our FAQ’s section.