White Oak Flooring

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White Oak vinyl flooring is a spectacular choice when used in the living and dining area, however, this type of flooring is highly versatile and can be used in any room within the home, office, or workplace environment. Oak vinyl flooring is one of our most popular flooring designs and will fit in with any colour scheme in and around your home.


White Oak flooring is available in the following ranges:

Luvanto Design – White Oak vinyl flooring is available in our incredible Luvanto Design range, if you want to introduce colour to your flooring then Luvanto Design collections allow you to glue various other pieces together to create a unique white oak flooring. 

Luvanto Click Plus – White Oak LVT is also available in our Luvanto Click Plus range, with this particular range you can simply click together the planks using a joint locking system.

Luvanto Endure Pro – The White Oak vinyl flooring design is also available to order from our Luvanto Endure Pro range, this is our most advanced flooring which ensures stability and durability, including slip-resistance, 100% water resistance and impressive sound reduction.




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