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Click Plus Herringbone LVT flooring falls under the Parquet LVT flooring category and has been a popular choice of flooring design since the 1600s.

Click Plus herringbone vinyl flooring is the classic rhythmic patterns of herringbone weave that create a nostalgic atmosphere in the home. Each piece of Luvanto Herringbone flooring is designed to look and feel just like the real thing, and is compatible with underfloor heating to take your comfort to the maximum.

LVT itself is a fantastic flooring choice due to its high water resistance and ability to take on many different design styles, whether that be wood effect, stone effect or even geometric patterns.

LVT is a massively popular style due to its comfort, as well, and has very few weaknesses.

Our parquet vinyl flooring is inspired by real, natural oak and our artists have done an excellent job replicating the beauty of certain types of flooring.

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Suggested Flooring

Whether you’re seeking the timeless allure of hardwood or the sleek aesthetic of stone, our diverse range of LVT flooring suggestions promises to elevate your interior with unmatched charm and resilience.  Experience the perfect harmony of beauty and practicality as you explore our innovative selection, curated to inspire and transform your home.

Clay Earth

Midnight Olive

Coastal Cottage


Stay a step ahead of the trends

Trends come and go but a Luvanto floor is forever.

Keep your interiors looking show-home worthy with our colour and trend inspiration. As experts in colour forecasting and pairings, we match the latest trends and colours with each of our flooring shades so you can stay tickled pink with your décor all year round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created the Luvanto LVT Herringbone Collection to bring you a hand-picked selection of colours, designs and sizes from our most popular ranges from traditional to contemporary.

Choose Herringbone LVT by Luvanto – Our collection is available in Luvanto Design and Click Plus.

Why not use our 3D Room Viewer and see which colours, sizes and patterns would suit your home?

Installation Options & Available Sizes

Design Herringbone (adhered)

Traditional Herringbone: 76.2mm x 304.8mm x 2.5mm 2.32m2 / 100 pieces per pack Contemporary Herringbone: 107mm x 534mm x 2.5mm 2.28m2 / 40 pieces per pack

Click Plus Herringbone (free-floating)

Click Plus Herringbone: 126mm x 630mm x 6mm 1.43m2 / 18 pieces per pack

Take a look at our Herringbone Collection gallery below, choose your favourites and order free samples with colours representative of our Design or Click options.

Finishing Strips

All our click system products are colour-matched to a range of Luvanto Finishing Strips – A self-adhesive aluminium strip which conceals the expansion gap between the flooring and the skirting board for a neat, professional finish. For use with Luvanto Click+ and Endure Pro.

Herringbone Click Flooring

Herringbone Flooring mimics the unique herringbone planks’ arrow-like formation. Our particular LVT Herringbone is made of luxury vinyl, meaning it has water-resistant and slip-resistant features.

Parquet LVT Flooring

Parquet vinyl flooring is an overall category of flooring types that utilise a variety of different patterns, such as herringbone style, chevron or linear pattern styles.

Both designs are made of luxury vinyl tiles, and mimic the appearance of small wooden planks arranged in a herringbone effect. Both click and design differ in terms of the install methods.

Herringbone LVT Click – This essentially allows you to lay down the planks, clicking them together at the joints like a sort of jigsaw puzzle.

Herringbone LVT Design – This refers to the gluedown installation method, considered to be the more complex of the two, and relies on adhesive to stick to the subfloor – which requires suitable floor preparation.

Both floor styles have differing advantages. Whilst gluedown boasts superior stability, click boasts ease of installation. Deciding which is right for you will largely depend on which advantages benefit you most.

We always recommend that whichever flooring type you choose, you should have it fitted by a trained and experienced fitter.