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Black LVT Flooring

Here at Luvanto, we understand that flooring is more than a surface to walk on. It’s a key element in generating the atmosphere and visual aesthetics of your home. 

It’s due to this that we are delighted to present a number of Black LVT Flooring designs. This selection features black wood and stone designs. Our floors mimic not just the dark sophistication of wood, but also the elegance of cut stone.  

Our Black LVT Flooring reflects the utmost character and stylistic spirit. Whether you have an eye for the depths of pure black or the subtle elegance of mineral textures – our selection of products within this category has been designed to provide a strong foundation for your decor. 




Room Suitability


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Black LVT Flooring is not only versatile as far as visual qualities and tones go, but our LVT’s functionality is the best you can ask for in both domestic and commercial settings. With a strong wear layer and expert construction, Luvanto promises high durability and timeless quality.  

Choose from our quality collection and explore the unique blend of style and practicality that Black LVT Flooring offers. With Luvanto, you can be confident that you’re investing in a floor that looks exceptional and stands the test of time.

Black LVT is a choice that can work in any room, both as a colour, and a material. However, considering the black element is a design choice, it’s important to plan where and how it will look. It is a highly sophisticated option that suits various design directions, making it a good choice for homeowners aiming for a modern and chic look.   

  • The Living Room – Friends, family and guests will gather and likely judge a lot of your house based on the living room. For tips on how to utilise black floors in this area, try creating a very striking contrast with lighter walls and light furnishings, such as a cream sofa. The contrast will add a lot of power and depth to the space, making it feel luxurious and open.  
  • The Kitchen – This is another excellent area that Black LVT can transform. Dark flooring looks sleek and stylish and will contrast well with many kitchen appliances, in which lighter colours are much more pronounced. Aside from colour, LVT makes for fantastic flooring for kitchens, as it is waterproof and perfect for use in areas that are often moist or frequently mopped.  
  • Bathrooms – Black LVT is another great choice for bathrooms. Black is a calming colour, it promotes the idea of mystery, which is useful for the bathroom where people like to relax with their own thoughts. On top of that, LVT as a material is utterly fantastic for high moisture areas, as it possesses waterproof capability, as well as being easy to clean.  

When it comes to designing Black LVT Flooring, the key is balance. Black is a powerful colour that almost has a magical ability to absorb light, whereas white reflects it. As such, you should be mindful of its placement. In a small room with little natural, or artificial, light, you can expect the room to feel a lot smaller due to the depth being stolen from the room. It also takes away from the beauty of the Black LVT flooring, as it will be hard to see.  

Putting your black flooring up against lighter elements of your room, such as walls and furniture, will create a contrast that many find striking. On top of this, it negates the feeling of a room being smaller. Of course, in a large room, the idea of a room feeling smaller might be diminished.  

Black LVT also interacts with textures in interesting ways. For example, a shaggy rug or polished wood table. The contrast in the textures can create visual interest, and create a feeling of a layered, dynamic area.  

Black LVT flooring is particularly suited to more modern designs, however. These designs can be minimal or industrial. In these areas, black flooring can enhance and elevate decor. Nonetheless, it’s all about experimentation. Check out our room viewer to see how black LVT would look in a typical home for ideas.

The influence of lighting on black LVT flooring is significant and can dramatically alter its appearance. Just like any other element in your interior design, the flooring too, absorbs, reflects, and is altered by the light it’s exposed to. 

Bathed in natural light, Black LVT can reveal the full rich texture that Luvanto is so proud of. Sunlight seems to highlight much more subtle changes in flooring and can enhance depth and dynamism. Pair this with light-coloured furniture, and you have a rich, unique depth that you won’t see in many other homes.  

However, in spaces with less natural light, black flooring might seem darker than it is. In these instances, clever use of artificial light can come in handy. A good balance of overhead lighting, task lighting and accent lighting can illuminate the floor, reveal its texture, and prevent it from looking too dark. Moreover, warm light tends to soften the starkness of black, making it more appealing in residential spaces.