How To Achieve Luxury Parquet Flooring

Parquet Patterned Floor

The Parquet pattern is typically an arrangement of rectangular floor pieces specifically put together to create a unique and alternative flooring pattern. Parquet flooring can be assembled in a variety of angles, this is known as the laying angle.

This particular design is fabulous if you want to create multiple designs in your home, for example you might choose a Parquet half-plank design for your living area and a Parquet pleat for your dining room.

Introducing a Parquet pattern in your home can be what really makes you stand out from the crowd and something that allows you to really show off and boast about your home. With new and developing technology, fitting your Parquet patterned flooring has never been easier. When it comes to fitting your new vinyl flooring, there are a few efficient ways to fix together the flooring pieces. Luvanto Design flooring is a range that allows you to simply glue down your flooring pieces allowing you to create your own unique Parquet flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Introducing natural luxury vinyl flooring can mean your house finally becomes a home, something which many home owners struggle to achieve.

Not only can you incorporate underfloor heating, but you can also choose our Luvanto Endure flooring instead, which is perfect if you require sound-proof flooring. Additionally, if you require a quick fitting, glue free and hassle free flooring, then why not take a look at our unique Luvanto Click flooring, with the newest joint locking system you can have your luxury flooring ready in no time.

Ideal Locations For
Parquet Flooring

The opportunities are endless when it comes to the Parquet flooring pattern, this particular pattern is not something you would only find in the kitchen, more so in any room you wish for. A Parquet pattern can look incredibly glamorous or even relaxing in your living room, or even in your entrance hallway. The Parquet flooring can also be a special feature for your dining room, with a mixture of oak
effect flooring
and tile effect flooring your home can be set aside from the rest and have its own unique decor.

If you are looking for luxurious vinyl flooring, why not use our amazing 3D Room Viewer today to choose your own colour scheme, pattern and vinyl flooring type.