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Reclaimed Oak Flooring

A very popular choice for those wanting a shabby chic look, Reclaimed Oak flooring is full of character. Each plank offers something unique, with the distinctive milling marks and natural blemishes really bringing this wood to life.


Reclaimed Oak is available in the following ranges:

Luvanto Design Luvanto Design allows you to not only glue down your reclaimed oak flooring but also incorporate other Luvanto designs together, creating one unique flooring for your home or business.

Luvanto Click Plus The reclaimed oak flooring can also be ordered from our Luvanto Click Plus range, simply click together your luxury flooring using a joint locking system and you can have your new flooring in no time.

Luvanto Endure Pro Reclaimed Oak is also available to order from our fabulous Luvanto Endure range. The Luvanto Endure range ensures maximum quality, improved warranty, high resistance slip-proof, and 100% water resistance as with all our LVT.


Available in a variety of oak types, our oak effect flooring can suit any style of home. Oak effect flooring can provide your home with a stylish look without the maintenance of real wood. This flooring can be great for many rooms in your home including kitchen, dining room, or living room.

Oak effect flooring not only looks great but is generally more damage resistant compared to real wood. Stylish and luxurious, this floor is also smart, practical, and easy to clean making it a great option for home flooring. Available in different shades, you can easily find the right style of oak effect flooring to suit you.

What is oak effect flooring?

Oak effect LVT flooring offers the look and feel of real oak but with the water resistant and hard-wearing qualities of LVT, meaning it is the best of both worlds. This flooring is timelessly stylish, visually stunning, and works well with nearly any type of décor in your home. It is the ideal choice for busy areas of your home as it can handle, making them extremely beneficial for those messy families and muddy pets. Our oak effect is available in a number of shades, so you are sure to find one that best suits the tone and look of your interior.

How is oak effect vinyl flooring installed?

There are two main ways that oak effect LVT is installed; a loose lay click system and a glue down system. Loose lay click is similar to laminate flooring installation, glue down systems require specific LVT glue to effectively set the tiles in place. Both methods of installation need a completely level sub-floor.

What can oak effect flooring be used for?

As previously mentioned, this type of flooring makes them ideal for high traffic rooms in the home like bathrooms and kitchens. It is especially important in areas where moisture could be a problem, as LVT is an ideal substitute to real wooden floors as it is 100% water resistant and won’t absorb water, expand or split.

What shade of oak effect flooring should you choose?

This will largely depend on what room you are having the flooring fitted in, the style of your home’s décor, and your own personal preferences. Classic oak effect flooring is very versatile and easy to style. The natural shades of oak are able to create a sleek style in a contemporary home but can also add to a rustic aesthetic in a traditional property.

Our oak LVT comes in multiple shades, including ones that are light, medium, and dark. A darker hue is recommended if you are concerned about maintenance, as a darker oak is less likely to show marks and dirt in comparison to lighter shades. However, if you want to maximise your room’s space, a light oak can create the illusion of a longer room and make it look more open. Whether you choose light or dark, oak is easy to pair with any wall or furniture colours.


our guarantee

All of our products come with a minimum 20 year domestic and 10 year commercial warranty meaning you don’t need to worry when it comes to choosing Luvanto.