Vintage Grey Oak


Vintage Grey Oak is an extremely popular flooring design for open plan spaces such as offices and various other work environments. This luxurious flooring is simplistic yet creates an incredible atmosphere wherever it is placed.

Luvanto Design
Vintage Grey Oak is available in our incredible Luvanto Design range, simply glue this flooring together or incorporate various other luvanto design strips and create a unique flooring design for your home.

Luvanto Click
The Vintage Grey Oak is also available to order from our Luvanto Click range, this will include clicking together the planks using a joint locking system, something of which improves stability and durability. This range is very popular since there is no need for any glue or mess.

Luvanto Endure
Luvanto Endure is an extremely popular choice if you live in a busy apartment block and need to soundproof your floor, it is also necessary for offices which like to remain quiet. This flooring comes with an improved warranty, stability and durability.



The Vintage Grey Oak flooring is one of our most popular flooring designs for office and work environments. This flooring design is professional, glamorous, yet simplistic in the most inspiring way possible.

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