Black Slate


Black Slate is a classic look that boasts the power to really define a room. We strongly recommend using a contrasting colour from our design strips range to compliment the overall look and feel by adding clean crisp lines and clear borders.
Although suitable for any room throughout the home, we do find Black Slate often used in the kitchen and bathroom setting. These more intimate rooms are a great canvas for showcasing the unique beauty of our Black Slate tiles.

Luvanto Design
The spectacular Black Slate flooring is available in our Luvanto Design range, this means you can quickly fit your flooring using glue-down method.

Luvanto Click
Black Slate is also available to order in the Luvanto Click range, using a joint locking system you are guaranteed to have your luxury flooring fitted as quick as possible. The Luvanto Click flooring does not use any form of glue, rather a joint locking system.

Luvanto Endure
You can also order our Black Slate flooring from the Luvanto Endure range, this flooring is extremely stable, slip resistant, waterproof and soundproof. This particular flooring is ideal for young children or elderly who are prone to falls or slipping.

Please Note: Design Strips (grout lines) are ONLY available in the Luvanto Design range. Please click here to see all available product sizes.



If you are looking for a classic look that really is suited to any room in the home, then Black Slate is the flooring for you. This type of flooring showcases the unique beauty of black slate tiles and compliments the overall look of the room when using a contrasting colour from our various other design strips.

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