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Grey LVT Flooring

Sophistication, durability and style – that’s what Grey LVT Flooring encompasses – all with a lifetime domestic warranty.  

Luvanto’s Grey LVT Flooring is the perfect blend of strength, comfort and elegance. It’s been a highly popular option for homeowners and interior designers for its ability to evoke a touch of contemporary flair.  

Grey is a colour known for its versatility, and it brings an air of sophistication to your home. It also acts as a perfect transition to nearly any decor style, being a very neutral colour.  

Regardless of whether your home has an atmosphere of sleek modernity, or has traditional old-timey cosiness, our Grey LVT Flooring will suit you perfectly, whether coming in Herringbone, wood effect, or as a more uniform colour, such as a concrete effect.   

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Grey Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a versatile option that can suit a range of rooms in your home due to its neutral, yet stylish, shade. Here’s where it might fit best: 

  • Living Room: Grey LVT flooring embodies calmness and tranquillity. It goes well with a variety of colours and furniture styles, making your room feel cosy yet modern, as Grey is often associated with an unassuming stance.
  • Kitchen: In the kitchen, Grey Luxury Vinyl flooring can provide a sleek look. It pairs nicely with shiny appliances and white cupboards, creating a clean and polished, almost clinical-like feel. This gives off an aura of cleanliness and modernity in the kitchen.  
  • Bathroom: LVT grey flooring gives your bathroom a fresh, modern feel. It goes beautifully with white bathroom fixtures for a minimalist look or can be used to balance out brighter colours for a more vibrant style. 
  • Bedroom: Using grey LVT flooring in the bedroom can create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. It’s adaptable to different design styles, whether you prefer a modern minimalistic look or a more traditional decor.  
  • Home Office: LVT Grey flooring can help your home office feel more professional and focused. It’s a sleek and practical choice for a workspace, embodying the willingness to keep up with the times – important for any business. 

Remember, it’s always important to consider the purpose of the room, the amount of foot traffic it receives, and the overall vibe you want to achieve when choosing flooring. Grey luxury vinyl flooring is a waterproof, practical and stylish choice that can adapt to many settings.

There are many things you can do with the colour Grey and the unique emotions and concepts that it embodies. Check below for our suggestions: 

  • Mix Shades of Grey: Don’t hesitate to play around with different shades of grey luxury vinyl flooring. Light grey furniture can look stunning against a darker grey floor. Blending tones of the same colour add depth and identity to a room. 
  • Complementary Colours: Grey is a versatile colour and can pair well with a wide range of other colours. Try matching your grey floor with soft pastel furnishings or wall coverings for a calm, soothing feel or go for vibrant colours for a more energetic vibe. 
  • Experiment with Patterns: A grey floor is like a blank canvas ideal for setting off a lot of patterned items. But remember to balance it out with some solid colours to keep things from looking too busy. 
  • Play with Textures: Adding texture to your room will make it more inviting. Think plush rugs, smooth leather furniture, or fluffy cushions. These can all work well against your grey LVT flooring. 
  • Light it Up: Lighting can change the look of your grey floor. Natural light will show the true colour of the floor, while warm artificial light can make the room feel cosy and welcoming. 
  • Metallic Touch: Adding some metallic elements to your decor can make your grey flooring pop. After all, Grey is often associated with the colour of the metal. Try a few metallic light fixtures, furniture pieces or accessories. 
  • Keep it Simple: Grey floors are perfect for a minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired design. Choose simple, functional pieces and keep the colour palette neutral to let your grey floor shine. 


Enjoy the process of tailoring your room to your tastes and needs. It’s your space, so create a place that feels good to you. Trust your taste and create a home that you love.

The colour of your flooring can have a huge impact on how big the room looks. A lighter shade of Grey can absorb and reflect light, giving off the impression of the room having more space than it does. This open, airy feel can be especially useful in rooms that are cramped, or not connected to windows that let in a lot of natural light.  

Darker shades of Grey don’t necessarily have the opposite effect, but it does give a very accurate representation of the room’s size. This can allow you to create an intimate, genuine atmosphere, which may be very useful for tasks that require focus.   

Grey Luxury Vinyl Flooring is so powerful that even a tone change can conjure completely different effects.

Grey Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring is remarkably versatile, lending itself to a myriad of decor styles. It serves as a foundational base that will allow your furnishings and decorative choices to shine. Here’s how you could add grey LVT flooring to various decor themes: 

  • Contemporary: The neutrality of grey is a perfect match for the sleek, understated aesthetics of modern design. Pair your grey LVT with monochromatic furniture, adding vibrant pops of colour like mustard yellow or burnt orange to inject life into the room. 
  • Industrial: The cool hues of grey LVT flooring effortlessly complement the raw, unfinished look that defines the industrial style. Think exposed brick walls, metallic accents, and rustic, reclaimed wood furniture for a space that exudes urban sophistication. 
  • Scandinavian: Scandinavian design embraces a minimalist approach with clean lines and a muted colour palette. Your grey flooring can serve as the ideal canvas for light-toned wooden furniture, cosy textiles, and plenty of leafy greens. 
  • Coastal: Dreaming of a beach house aesthetic? The muted grey LVT can subtly evoke the feeling of a weathered boardwalk, making it a great base for sandy tones, airy blues, and crisp whites associated with coastal decor. 
  • Boho: Bohemian style is all about expressing individuality and a laid-back lifestyle. The neutrality of a grey LVT floor can balance the rich, saturated colours, exotic prints, and an array of textures that make up a boho space. 
  • Classic: Traditional decor is all about warmth, comfort, and familiarity. Against grey LVT flooring, you can introduce classic furniture pieces, ornate accessories, and sumptuous fabrics in deeper tones for a timeless appeal.

With grey LVT flooring, the sky’s the limit. Its adaptable nature allows it to blend seamlessly into virtually any decor style you choose providing the perfect blank canvass for you to express your own unique design style.