The Luvanto Story

The most stylish collection of flooring

Luvanto is a curated collection of 30 stylish colours which have been through a pain-stakingingly difficult distilling process over the course of five years.

We had to be deliberately selective - we started with over 300 colours - to become exceptionally stylish - we ended with 30.

The result is the most cutting-edge, stylish and house-worthy collection of Luxury Vinyl Tiles that you could ever hope to find.

Our British experts drew on inspiration from photography, interior design, magazines, nature and high-fashion to bring luxury stylish floors into homes across Britain at a sensible price.

Our Luvanto range is stylish. We used a number of expert colour palettes to help us choose
I know how difficult it is to choose the perfect floor. I was in the exact same situation as you when the idea of Luvanto came about.

I just wanted a floor that looked good!

One of the most beautiful things about Luvanto is that, unlike our competitors, it is not just a commercial entity created to meet a market demand. Luvanto is a solution to a very common problem when choosing your floor. Everyone else sells the same boring colours. There are literally hundreds of like-for-like products that have been chosen by sales managers and not designers.

When I was choosing the floor for my new kitchen the lack of choice became immediately apparent. My husband had returned from the shop with a wide selection of booklets, samples and colours which he placed onto our new worktop. I stood back, took a deep breath and then said, "Honey, they all look the same".

That is where the journey began.

British Luxury Design Flooring Company

Best of British

We brought together the best British designers, architects, photographers and furniture makers to create the 'dream team' of flooring design selection.

30 Stylish Colours for the Luvanto Luxury Design Flooring range

30 Stylish Colours

We have cleared through the chaff to leave only the best colours in our collection. Each, elegant colour serves both a purpose and a style.

Customer Support for the Best Luxury Flooring Company

Customer Support

I know how important it is to choose the right floor. I've been there myself! It is a massive decision and I want to make sure you make the right one.

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