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Natural Oak Herringbone Flooring

Be inspired by nature with the ever-beautiful Natural Oak herringbone flooring. This is by far the finest British collection of oak styles of LVT that continues to be a popular choice in homes across the country. Our Herringbone Parquet Flooring will grace your home with the timeless elegance you deserve. The clean and unobtrusive presence of Natural Oak Herringbone flooring makes it a beloved addition to the herringbone parquet flooring range.

Anon-adhered, free floating, easy to lay LVT planks and tiles that click together to perform a perfect joint.

Product Description

Our Natural Oak Herringbone Flooring is available in the following ranges:

Luvanto Design Herringbone is a selection of small Luvanto Design planks glued down to the floorboard, offering amazing design options such as basketweave and parquet effects.

Natural Oak Herringbone Flooring – FAQs

Is Natural Oak Herringbone Flooring LVT?

Yes, it is LVT. LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is a type of vinyl that is of superior quality to its standard counterpart in both its strengths and its aesthetics.

LVT herringbone flooring comes with something called a wear layer, which is designed to withstand scratches, impacts and other sources of damage. Standard vinyl does not have this, meaning that once a scratch on the floor happens, it has to be repaired or replaced. Wear layers come in different depths, with Luvanto’s coming at 0.55 compared to the usual 0.3 that is offered to residential areas.

What is Natural Oak Herringbone Flooring, and how does it differ from Herringbone Parquet Flooring?

Our Natural Oak Herringbone Flooring is LVT. Parquet Flooring is also LVT. However, the difference between the two is that our Natural Oak flooring is a sub-category of Parquet flooring.

Parquet flooring is a style of flooring that is designed to have geometric patterns as its main motif. In this category exists a wide range of styles, such as the chevron styles, basketweave styles, and, of course, the herringbone styles.

Parquet flooring was once primarily used as a substitute for marble flooring, which had issues regarding the joists beneath the floor rotting. This would require extensive repairs that made it a costly expense for some. Parquet flooring, back then, was fairly rare and beautiful, making it the perfect substitute for a lot of wealthier homes. However, thanks to technological advancements, parquet flooring has become more widespread, becoming prominent and affordable for many residential homes.

What is the difference between Luvanto Design Natural Oak Flooring and Luvanto Click+ Natural Oak Flooring?

Luvanto Design Natural Oak Flooring and Luvanto Click Plus Natural Oak Flooring are both LVT, and the only difference between them is the manner in which they are installed:

  • Luvanto Design Natural Oak Vinyl Tiles – Design is simply our glue-down option. Using a flooring adhesive, we can firmly attach the LVT flooring to the subfloor. This is the most stable possible flooring option you can get in the entire market. This is a hard DIY task with a lot of room for error, and as such, we recommend you hire professional installers to fit it. They will ensure that the subfloor is properly cleaned so you can have a smooth, even appearance across the surface.
  • Luvanto Click + Natural Oak Vinyl Tiles – Luvanto Click+ Natural Oak LVT is what we call a “free-floating floor”. Operating similarly to a puzzle, there are hinges in the corners of each tile that attach together. This style of installation makes it so that your LVT hovers above the subfloor. This means there is a space between the LVT and the subfloor, however, there should be minimal feelings of hollowness.

They are both compatible with underfloor heating.

What rooms is Natural Oak Herringbone Parquet suitable for?

There are two sides to this question to consider:

  1. What rooms are luxury vinyl flooring good for?
    Our True Oak Herringbone Parquet LVT is made of luxury vinyl, a material that has a wide range of aesthetic styles, properties, qualities and uses. For example, it is waterproof, as well as slip-resistant, meaning that functionally it’s useful in kitchens and bathrooms. For more information, Luvanto has put together the perfect guide on the qualities of LVT Flooring
  2. What rooms are suitable for True Oak Herringbone Parquet flooring patterns?
    This pattern evokes a highly elegant and classical feel, meaning it may be best for foyers. Nonetheless, we have seen many people opt to have this LVT  flooring fitted in all types of rooms, such as bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and entryways etc. We have also seen natural oak herringbone parquet LVT being laid in commercial settings due to its official appearance.

How do I clean and maintain my Natural Oak Herringbone Parquet LVT floor?

Natural Oak Herringbone Parquet LVT’s waterproof ability wards off spills and splashes. On top of that, LVT boasts a high resistance to stains. Soap and water can be used to clean up more or less anything, from dust to sticky substances. If you’re concerned with keeping your floor fresh, you may be happy to know that there’s next to no maintenance required, however, we recommend that you use our Luvanto Floor Care Kit to push the appearance far past its longevity.

To use the kit effectively, clean away all dirt and debris off the floor until its completely clean. In a washed bucket, mix the Luvanto Floor Cleaner concentrate into the water in the increments recommended in the instruction manual. Dip your mop into the mix, and then wring it out, leaving it a little damp. After that, sweep away at the floor to spread it, leaving it to soak into the wear layer and strengthen the floor’s overall appearance.

Following this sequence, you can maintain your floor and keep it looking brand new for years on end.

How to protect my Natural Oak Herringbone Parquet LVT from scratches and dents?

Several things in your home pose a threat to your floor’s overall appearance in the form of scratches and dents. Nonetheless, there are a couple of alterations you can make to your living environment to protect the beauty of your floors, no matter the material its made of:

  • Furniture Pads: The main source of damage to LVT floors, in our experience, comes from the legs of your furniture. This is actually good, as the solution to this issue is really simple. Simply add some felt or rubber pads to the feet of the furniture to soften the impact and reduce friction to a minimum. This simple change will go a long way in protecting your floor.
  • Lift furniture: Dragging your furniture across the floor is asking for it to be damaged. As a result, lift when you can. Furniture that is too heavy to be lifted will need assistance to be manipulated.
  • Trim pet nails: Pets are cute, but damaging to a lot of objects in your home, floors included. In the case of dogs, their weight and their nails combined make for a major source of damage. As a result, it’s best to trim your dog’s nails whenever you can. As for cats, the solution is actually a lot more simple and low maintenance, believe it or not. Simply get a scratch post, and the cat will take care of its own nails.
  • Castor wheels: Furniture that has wheels often don’t come with delicate flooring in mind. As a result, you should change the stock wheels of your furniture, such as office chairs, into softer castor wheels to reduce the friction your furniture has against your floors.

For more information, Luvanto has put together a guide on LVT scratch protection.

Our Guarantee

At our house, you can keep your shoes on. All our floors come with our Luvanto Lifetime Domestic Warranty to guarantee your flooring will stay in tip-top condition.

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