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White LVT Flooring

Create a stunning, sophisticated look in your home with our premium White LVT flooring. White LVT is the perfect choice for homeowners who are searching for a blend of style, resilience, and practicality.  

Our White Luxury Vinyl flooring captures the charm of classic white wood or marble, adding a spacious and airy feel to any room. Each tile of our white LVT is carefully designed with subtle textures and patterns that look like true wood or natural stone, only with all the modern functions of LVT. But this flooring doesn’t just score high on aesthetics, it also offers unbeatable durability. Our white LVT flooring resists the hustle and bustle of busy households, withstanding scratches, spills, and even the heaviest foot traffic. 

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Easy to maintain and hassle-free to install, our White Luxury Vinyl flooring is a cost-effective choice over traditional wood or stone flooring that promises a beautiful finish without the need for heavy upkeep. Its exceptional properties contribute to a warm, comfortable environment, making it an ideal choice for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and other rooms in the home.  

In choosing our White LVT flooring, you’re investing in a floor solution that blends elegance, longevity and ease, ultimately transforming your home into a charming and welcoming space.   

Start your home improvement journey today with our premium White Luxury Vinyl flooring! 

LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiles, meaning it’s made of a form of vinyl that is superior in properties and appearance to its standard sheet roll counterpart. 

A luxury vinyl floor will have something called a wear layer, which offers it protection from scratches, impacts and other sources of damage. Luvanto’s wear layer comes at a commercial quality of 0.55mm deep, as opposed to the recognised standard of 0.3mm offered for residential homes. 

For more information, Luvanto has put together the perfect guide on what is LVT Flooring.

What rooms would White Luxury Vinyl Flooring look good in?

There are a lot of things you can do with white aesthetics. It all comes down to taste and the atmosphere you want to evoke within your home. Look below for our ideas:  

  • Minimalism – White is the colour of minimalists. Therefore, white LVT flooring can be used to evoke that spacious feeling that feels so freeing. Complement the flooring with furniture of single colours, soft textures, and streamlined shapes to achieve a calm, uncluttered space. 
  • Brightening – Some rooms don’t get a lot of natural light due to house positioning or being a room away from a window. With white luxury vinyl flooring, you can enhance the lighting in your room.  

Contrast – White LVT can provide the ability to create high contrast within your home. Pair the white colour with bold colours and furnishings to maximise the effect. People like contrasting styles to highlight important objects/areas in the room, or to create a balance and define a space.