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Commercial LVT Flooring

Inviting, professional and competent – this is what you need, and what we offer, for commercial LVT flooring. 

Luvanto’s commercial-grade Luxury Vinyl Tile is all you need for your business. Our floors are built to resist the day-to-day hustle and bustle that busy commercial buildings see, with the strength of the floor withstanding even the heaviest of foot traffic for years on end. From offices to restaurants to retail spaces, we’ve got you covered. 

Our commercial-grade LVT flooring comes in a wide array of different styles and colours, suitable for any commercial building regardless of what service it provides. Our wood, natural stone and ceramic effect LVT, for example, are a big hit with retail stores. And our wood effect flooring is a great fit for productivity due to the calming atmosphere it brings.  

Our floors are waterproof, strong and evoke a sense of personality that can be the final touch to your commercial space. All our flooring comes with a 10-year commercial warranty (20 years for Endure Pro flooring).




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Retail buildings come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the look you want to create our wood and stone effect materials will help you achieve the best results regardless of the services you provide.  

Here are some ideas:  

  • Fashion & Beauty – We find that marble or stone designs emulate the luxury and sophistication that often comes with the bright, clinical finishes often found in beauty and contemporary fashion stores and salons. Natural wood effects from light greys to darker tones very much lend themselves to traditional fashion and can enhance the individual style and identity of the retail space, age groups and trends they cater for.
  • Bookstores – Rustic, wood effect LVT is a perfect fit for this environment. The reason is that wood has always evoked a very calming effect.
  • Tech stores – This is where things get interesting. Tech stores are progressive, often switching out for brand-new releases. As such, a modern, highly contemporary look is needed. Crisp, light finishes or geometric designs are suitable for this, as they evoke innovation, which is exactly what technology is all about.
  • Natural Goods – Natural wood looks are also good for natural goods, as you might expect. But it’s better to opt for light, washed-out colours. This contributes to creating an atmosphere of high sustainability.
  • Home Improvement – A stone or concrete look is best for these types of stores, as the design is highly practical. This is fitting for a store that revolves around construction and progression, giving off a feel that everything in the store is designed to last.

The interior design aesthetic starts the moment you set foot through the door of a hotel, creating a lasting first impression.  

For lobbies and the reception area, you want something that’s more impressive than comforting, promising care and rest. Stone looks, such as marble or slate, provide a high-end, engaging, elegant aesthetic that can elevate your space. LVT is a lot more cost-effective than these two materials, too, making it an excellent choice.  

For the Guest Rooms, the aim is to create a cosy environment that feels like a home away from home. Wood looks can mimic the warmth and natural beauty of hardwood, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere. With LVT, you also have the benefits of an easy-to-clean material for fast turnaround. 

For restaurants, LVT is good in general because LVT is highly sterile and easily cleaned as well as being waterproof. Having the dining area designed with a wood or stone look can offer a chic, stylish aesthetic that provides good vibes, and a unique experience.   

For restaurants that are more modern and trendier, consider abstract geometric designs. These can lend a unique touch to the place that screams “avant-garde”, allowing for a more personalised brand expression. 

LVT flooring is a very clean flooring that can be thoroughly cleaned with ease, maintaining the high standard of hygiene that is expected within Healthcare Facilities. LVT is non-porous, non-absorbent, and spills simply rest on the surface for a long time until it’s cleaned. Perfect for reception and waiting areas, consulting rooms and dining areas.  

As for colour palettes, ensure you have colours that are soothing, to evoke the sense of peace and calm you would expect from a healthcare environment. These neutral colours can be soft greys or light natural wood tones, for example. You can also use this to your advantage by making colours mark different places, making your facility easy to navigate.