Grey Sparkle


At first glance you can be forgiven for believing there is nothing too exciting about the colour grey. But, with our Sparkle Grey we take that common held belief and turn it on its head. Each tile is comprised of thousands of minute sparkles that capture and reflect light in a thousand different ways. Each time you look at Sparkle Grey it is a little bit different. Ever popular in the kitchen and bathroom areas and slowly creeping its way into living rooms throughout the UK, Sparkle Grey is surely one to watch.

Luvanto Design
The Grey Sparkle flooring is available in our exceptional Luvanto Design range. If you want to walk on the floor as soon as it has been fitted then Luvanto flooring has the right products for you. Using a glue-down method, your Grey Sparkle flooring can be easily fitted in no time.

Luvanto Click
Luvanto Click uses a joint locking system so if you would prefer to lay your Grey Sparkle flooring down without the use of glue then this is perfect for you.

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The Grey Sparkle is one of the most luxurious flooring’s you could have, the elegant decor and thousands of minute sparkles can really transform a room and make it shine. This particular flooring is extremely popular for both kitchens and bathrooms but is steadily creeping into the living room which we love!

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Luvanto Design – Fitting Instructions

Luvanto Click – Fitting Instructions

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Luvanto Design – Technical Data

Luvanto Click – Technical Data

Luvanto Endure – Technical Data

Design Technical Information

Characteristics Test Method Result
Warranty 25 Years Domestic
10 Years Commercial
Level of use EN685 Domestic 23
Commercial 33
Total thickness EN428 2.5mm
Wear Layer EN429 0.5mm
Total weight EN430 4400g/m²
Dimensions (planks) EN427 152mm x 914mm
184mm x 1219mm
Dimensions (tiles) EN427 305mm x 305mm
305mm x 610mm
Squareness and Straightness EN427 ≤0.012mm / ≤0.15mm
Surface Treatment PU
Flammability EN13501 – 1:2007 + A1: 2009 Bfl – S1
Abrasion Resistance EN660-2 Wear Group P
Water Resistant 100%
Walking static electricity resistance EN 1815 Pass
Slip Resistance DIN51130 R10
Pendulum Test BS7976-2:2002 Dry 62 (Low)
Wet 50 (Low)
Stain Resistance EN423 Pass
Chemical resistance EN423 Pass
Residual Indentation EN433 ≤0.1mm
Castor Chair Resistance EN425 pass
Colour Fastness to light ISO 105 B02 >6
Shrinkage EN434 ≤0.25%
Flexibility EN435 20mm mandrel,
No signs of cracking
Sound Reduction DIN52210 4dB
Underfloor Heating Suitable, max 27°C
Produced to the following standards: ISO 9001; ISO 14001; CE.