Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Installation instructions for Luvanto?

You can find the fitting instructions for Luvanto below:

Luvanto Fitting Instructions

Luvanto Design – Fitting Instructions

Luvanto Click – Fitting Instructions

Luvanto Endure – Fitting Instructions

Where can I find the Technical Data for Luvanto?

You can find the Technical Data for Luvanto below:

Technical Datasheets

Luvanto Design – Technical Data

Luvanto Click – Technical Data

Luvanto Endure – Technical Data

How long is the Warranty on my Luvanto floor?

For Luvanto Design & Click we offer a 25 Years Domestic Warranty and 10 Years Commercial Warranty.

For Luvanto Endure we offer a Lifetime Domestic Warranty and a 20 Years Commercial Warranty.

What is the definition of a Lifetime Warranty?

A Lifetime Warranty is for 30 years or until such time that the property changes ownership.

Can Luvanto be used in areas of direct sunlight such as a conservatory?

Yes, Luvanto Design and Luvanto Endure can be used in areas of direct sunlight such as a conservatory, provided the correct installation procedures and adhesives are utilised. Luvanto Click cannot be used in areas of direct sunlight.

Note: Like any product placed in areas of direct sunlight, the floor colouring may fade over time due to UV damage.

Will my Luvanto floor be damaged by a liquid spill?

Liquid spills will not damage your Luvanto floor, however, if you were to leave a pool of liquid for an extended period of time, this could cause damage to the subfloor.

Can I mop my Luvanto floor with water?

Yes, all Luvanto floors are 100% water resistant. Mopping would cause no damage to your floor.

Can I use household detergents to clean my Luvanto floor?

We recommend using a mild detergent to clean your Luvanto floor.

Is Luvanto easy to clean?

Luvanto is exceptionally easy to clean. Simply wipe with warm water and a mild detergent.

Since it is Water Resistant, can I use Luvanto in my Bathroom or Kitchen?

Luvanto is 100% Water Resistant and perfectly fine to be installed in both the Bathroom or the Kitchen. Due to the ease of cleaning and inherent resistant properties of Luvanto, it is very well suited to both the Kitchen and Bathroom environments.

Do I need to glue or nail down Luvanto Click or Luvanto Endure?

Neither Luvanto Endure or Luvanto Click require gluing or nailing down.

Can Luvanto be installed on a first floor?

Yes! In fact, we recommend you install Luvanto on all your floors.

Can Luvanto be installed over a MDF floor?

Yes it can!

Can Luvanto be installed over a wooden floor?


How do I install Luvanto?

By following the fitting instructions for Luvanto which can be downloaded here: Luvanto Design – Fitting InstructionsLuvanto Click – Fitting InstructionsLuvanto Endure – Fitting Instructions.

However we recommend you enlist the services of a qualified Luvanto installer.

Can I mix different colours together?


How do I contact someone at Luvanto?

By visiting our contact page.